Amazing facts of Indian Railways

Indian railways connect the whole country so well that it is considered the lifeline of transport system in our country. Travelling in train has a beauty of its own. The soothing vibration of train, the cacophony of the travellers, coolies, sellers of tea/coffee in the station, meeting strangers in the train, having meals together, getting an outstanding scenery of outside has its own charm which cannot be compared to anything. This feeling is in another level which no transport can provide.

There are few interesting facts if you are unaware of Indian Railways:

  • Did you know that Indian Railways had the largest railway platform at Kharagpur with a length of 2,733 feet? Although, Gorakhpur station has taken its place by expanding the length with a span of 4,430 feet.
  • Indian railways are now constructing a bridge over Chenab in Chenab which will be five times higher than QutubMinar and also taller than Eiffel tower.
  • The Indian railways have 14,300 trains which covers huge distance every day.
  • The first train ran between Bombay and Thane on the 16th April, 1853.
  • Indian Railways have five luxury trains apart from regular commuter trains and those are Royal Rajasthan on Wheels,Palace on Wheels (Rajasthan),the Golden Chariot (Karnataka and Goa),the Maharajas’ Express (begins in Delhi but the itinerary differs) and the Deccan Odyssey (begins in Maharashtra but itinerary differs).
  • Train drivers are paid more than an average software engineer.
  • The IRCTC website is seen by 12 lakh people per minute.
  • This is quite interesting that the Indian railway got their first toilet after it completed 50 years.
  • The longest tunnel in the country is 11.215 kilometres long and it is the PirPanjal tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Before the Automatic Point System was installed in Indian Railways hundreds of employee were trying to fix that with their hands and lost their limbs so that the train does not get delayed.
  • A train from Dibrugruh to Kanyakumari is the longest running train which covers 4273 km named Vivek Express.
  • In Trivandrum to H. NizamuddinRajdhani Express a distance of 528 km is covered without a single stop.
  • Between Nagpur and Ajni station, a distance of 3 km is the shortest successive station.
  • It is quite intriguing that in Maharashtra two stations named Srirampur and Belapur are two different stations in Ahmednagar District, situating in the same point of the railway route but located in the opposite sides of the track.
  • Nehru Setu on Sone River is the longest Railway bridge.
  • Howrah junction in Kolkata is the busiest junction in the country with 974 trains stopping their daily.
  • In Indian railways foods are provided by their catering system as veg and non veg meals and some snacks. Recently a new phenomenon has been introduced by indian railway that you can have food delivery in train through different online websites like Travelkhana, Mera Food Choice, Rail Restro, Yatra Chef etc.

So, I guess you got hold of the many information about the Indian Railway which you may be using on regular basis to work or for travel to a different place.